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Division of Music

Frequently Asked Questions

Why should you join MSU Bands? First of all, the band gives you a circle of friends that makes the university smaller, helping you adjust to college life more quickly. There are many lifelong friends to be made by joining the band. Your experience with the bands will also make you a well-rounded person. Prospective employers and graduate schools are seeking candidates who are highly motivated, poised, and well-rounded. The MSU Bands can provide that and more!

Frequently Asked Questions for Non-Music Majors

Can I audition for a Band scholarship even though I am not planning on being a music major?
Non-majors are certainly welcomed to audition for Band scholarships. While music majors are given preference, auditions are open to all students regardless of major, and are judged over merit (not major).

I am not a music major, but I’m interested in private lessons. What do I do?
Students need to be able to read music and have had some previous experience on that instrument. Come by the Band Office (room 113 Main) and get the name of the faculty member who teaches that instrument. Go to the faculty member’s studio and ask if there is room in the studio for a non-major. These slots are offered on a first come, first served basis.

I’m not a music major, but I am interested in performing in the one of the instrumental organizations. What do I do?
Non-majors are certainly welcome to audition and participate in any of the instrumental ensembles. If you do not know the name of the director of the group for which you are interested, then check at the band office (113). Then talk to the director of the organization, and set up an audition.

I’ve been told that I won’t have time as a freshman to be in band and still make good grades. Is this true?
Answer: NO! We couldn’t exist if we demanded too much of your time. The Concert Band/Marching Band rehearses 3 days per week during the afternoons. Besides, it’s the perfect activity to meet people. As a member of the band, you have social opportunities while being in the most visible group on campus.

I’m not sure I’m good enough to be in the band.
We have members from every size high school, with every experience ranging from music majors to people with little or no experience. If you can play your instrument, we will help you do the rest! Our marching and concert band activities are designed to appeal to everyone. At least 85% of the band is made up of non-music majors. There is no need to feel intimidated.

Do you provide instruments and uniforms?
We can provide all large marching and concert band instruments including sousaphones, baritones, percussion, marching French horns, etc. All uniforms are provided for you. You will need to have black socks, black shoes and gloves, which may be purchased for a "special" price.

Is every weekend in the Fall filled with activities?
NO! The band only performs at home games, including the Homecoming parade. You’ll have time to go home and visit friends and family!