Secondary Mathematics - Graduate Concentration

Minot State now offers an online graduate concentration in secondary mathematics as part of the Master of Education (M.Ed.) program. With this concentration, you earn 18 credits of graduate mathematics which allows you to teach dual credit math in high school while also earning your master's degree. Further, it supports and enhances your content and pedagogical knowledge and skills.

The M.Ed. core courses and the math courses are online or offered via interactive video network (IVN) or other technology. For more information about the Master of Education, visit here. To apply, visit the Graduate School homepage.

Fall 2020 Course Information

Contact Information
For more information about this new concentration program and other great learning opportunities, contact Laurie Geller at 701-858-3329/800-777-0750 or

Master of Education Core for Secondary Mathematics (13 SH)

Director: Dr. Dan Conn

MEd Core for Secondary Math
M.Ed. Core Secondary Mathematics (13 credits)
ED 502 Designing & Interpreting Ed Research/Qualitative 2
ED 519 Diversity in a Global Perspective 3
ED 522 Curriculum Design and Assessment 3
ED 535 Models of Teaching & Learning 3
ED 550 Dynamics of Managing Learning 2
Total Hours 13
Rotation of MEd Core Courses

Secondary Mathematics Concentration (18 SH)

Coordinator: Dr. Laurie Geller

Secondary Math Concentration
Secondary Mathematics Concentration (18 credits)
MATH 507 History Of Mathematics (fall even years - online) 3
MATH 511 Trends in Math Education (fall odd years - online) 3
MATH 523 Probability and Statistics for Teachers (spring odd years - online) 3
MATH 545 Advanced Mathematics for Teachers (summer odd years - online) 3
MATH 565 Calculus for Teachers (summer even years - online) 3
MATH 595 Capstone Project (spring even years - online) 3
or MATH 598 Action Research Project (by arrangement)
or MATH 599 Thesis (by arrangement)
Total Hours 18