Mr. Rahul Gomes

Instructor of Computer Science (2018)

Office: 315 Model Hall
Phone: (701) 858-3863

Ph.D., North Dakota State University (in progress)
M.S., Sikkim Manipal University
B.Ed., St. Xavier’s College Kolkata
B.S., St. Xavier’s College Kolkata

Rahul Gomes is a Computer Science instructor at Minot State University and teaches courses related to Network Security and Database Management. Having earned an MS in Computer Science from Sikkim Manipal University in India, Rahul is currently pursuing a PhD from North Dakota State University (NDSU). He has prior teaching experience at NDSU and as a middle/high school teacher in India.

His research interests include data mining, machine learning and its applications in the field of Geographical Information Systems and Bioinformatics. He has also worked on increasing the efficiency of machine learning models such as Random Forest and Neural Networks in classifying text and image datasets pertaining to these domains. Rahul’s current projects include Sliding Window based aggregation for calculating GIS based landform derivatives, investigating suitability of Genetic Algorithm as a mainstream tool for solving network analysis problems using Python libraries such as NetworkX and OSMnx. He has also been a part of projects related to identifying genome interactions that is responsible for pathogenic E.coli. Besides his research interests, Rahul has worked on 3-D printing and quality assurance projects.

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