Visual Review Policy

To ensure Minot State University communications are consistent, accurate, and reflect the qualities and brand pillars of the University, all external Minot State University academic brochures, publications, advertisements, and similar items promoting specific academic programs, departments, or special events will necessitate a review by the Marketing Office prior to printing.

For new projects, clients are required to submit a Word document with the desired content, photography request(s), etc. to the Marketing Office. A project that has previously been produced will require a review prior to printing by submitting the PDF to the Marketing Office. All measures will be taken to not delay the production of materials. All printing requests (whether on campus or off campus) will require final approval by Design and Print Services.

Visual Review Form (for external academic projects)

Complete the following steps for a new or previously printed project:

Previously Printed Project
Complete the information below and attach the PDF with requested changes.

New Printing Project            

  • Submit the project by completing the form below.
  • Attach a Word document with the requested content.
  • The client will be contacted to discuss the scope of the project.
  • A draft will be sent to the client for review.
  • The content will be finalized along with photography needs if needed.

The final content will be emailed (copy to Design and Print Services) to the client for submission to Design and Print Services for production. The client will be responsible for overseeing the remainder of the project.