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Since 1992, the Minot Area Council for International Visitors has welcomed visitors from all over the world who are interested in many
aspects of rural life. Comprised of members from Minot State University
and the wider Minot community, MACIV has received extensive accolades
from visitors for its hospitality, generosity, and effeciency.

The Minot Area Council for International Visitors is made up of members with
a broad range of local, state, national, and international experience in the
professional world, government, education, and the arts (see Links page).
When necessary, extensive outside expertise is recruited to help with
organizing international visits to provide maximum benefits for our guests.

Supported in part by Minot State University.

MACIV has crafted programs for the following:
U. S. State Department International Visitor Leadership Program
Open World Leadership Program
CSIS (Center for Strategic and International Studies)

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