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Residence Life

Living and Learning Communities

What is a Living and Learning Community?

A Living and Learning Community (LLC) is where a group of students reside together within in a Residence Hall based on shared interests or a common major/program affiliation. Both LLC's at Minot State have a number of different advantages including:

  • Shared Interests - Students can easily meet new people because of something they already have in common, whether it be their major or interests.
  • Academic & Personal Success - Students will be provided a variety of ways to apply what they learn in class to everyday life through the help of a LLC.   
  • Availability of Resources - Not only will professors assist in the LLC, but many other resources on campus will be knowledgable and more available to students participating within the community.

How do I apply for a LLC?

  1. Through your Campus Connection account, begin a housing application for the 2017-2018 academic year.
  2. Select which LLC you would like to reside in on your application and submit it.
  3. Beginning April 24, 2017, you will be able to select your room in the hall that hosts the LLC you selected on your application.
  4. That's it! You are now a part of a Living and Learning Community at Minot State University!

Our Living and Learning Communities:

  • Contract Type: Fall/Spring

  • Location: Cook Hall

  • Requirements: None!

The Wellness Living and Learning Community will engage collaboratively with the MSU Wellness Center, as well as other appropriate faculty and staff to directly engage students in the “8 Dimensions of Wellness” as promoted by the MSU Wellness Center. Students that choose to live in this building wide community will experience programming throughout the course of the Academic Year that will highlight each of the 8 dimensions and how leading a “well” life will enhance their experience living on campus, encourage academic success, and create life-long “well” practices. 

  • Contract Type: Fall/Spring

  • Location: McCulloch Hall

  • Requirements: None!

The Leadership Living and Learning Community is designed to engage students in their Leadership Development while attending MSU. The community will incorporate various leadership models, as well as Baxter’s “Self-Authorship” theory to develop a student’s Leadership story. Students that choose to live in this building wide community will experience programming throughout the course of the Academic Year that will focus on different aspects, definitions, and types of leadership. Programs will also help students become leaders in their academic experience as well as socially on campus. Residing in this LLC will help the development of leadership skills for students to use throughout their life. 

A community within the community will also be set up for Honors students that are living on campus. By residing in this LLC, Honors students will have the advantage to live and learn about leadership and other areas of study while engaged in their Honors coursework.