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Gordon B. Olson Library

Student Employment Opportunities

The following job descriptions represent the variety of student positions at the Gordon B. Olson Library. When applying for a job, students are welcome to express preferences, and the library will do its best to meet them. However, the library has to take into account the service areas' need for help, matching the hours needed with class schedules, and experience level.

Work Study or "Hard Cash"?
The library hires student workers with work study awards (the Federal Work Study Program). The work study program provides part-time employment opportunities for students to assist them with the cost of post-secondary education. For more information about the work study program or to find out if you qualify for an award, you should contact the Financial Aid office on the second floor of the Administration Building (858-3375). Have your award sheet with you when applying for a work study job at the library.

While giving preference to students with work study awards, the library also hires student workers whose salaries are paid for out of the library's budget. These workers are commonly referred to as "hard cash." If a job opening is advertised as "hard cash" and you do not have a work study award, you are eligible to apply for that job. To fill out an application form contact the person listed on the ad.

How do I know if there is an job opening at the Library?
All of the library's current openings are posted on the bulletin board outside the Financial Aid office in the Administration Building. Most student worker job openings occur at the beginning of the fall semester. The ad will tell you the kind of job it is, whether it is a work study position or "hard cash," and the person to contact about the job. The library fills as many positions as possible with students with work study awards. After two to four weeks into the semester, any unfilled positions are opened to students without work study awards (hard cash). If you do not have a work study award, look for the openings on the bulletin board posted under "Hard Cash." If any openings occur during the remainder of the school year, they are posted on the Financial Aid office bulletin board and advertised on posters in the library and around campus.

Summer Jobs
The Gordon B. Olson Library hires fewer students during the summer session than during the regular school year. While most of these jobs are filled with students that have worked in the library the previous school year, occasionally there are positions available for new workers. Any job openings for the summer are posted on the bulletin board outside the Financial Aid office. While you do not have to be taking classes in summer school in order to work in the library, you must have been enrolled the previous spring semester and registered for classes the following fall.

For further information, please e-mail or call Jolene Nechiporenko, 701-858-3868.