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Gordon B. Olson Library

Ordering Library Materials

The faculty of Minot State University is strongly encouraged to participate in building the library’s collection. Each department, division, or college receives a budget that is used for one-time purchases (such as books, DVDs, or CDs) in their academic area. Faculty members are asked to forward requests to the designated faculty member in their area. This person, in turn, forwards the request on to a librarian that has been assigned to work with their department, division, or college.

Contact the Coordinator for Collection Development if you have any questions or concerns about purchasing materials.

The following lists procedures for ordering books and other library materials.

Ordering a Book:

1.           Obtain a library materials request form from your division’s faculty contact for coordinating library orders.  If your division is out of forms, request more by calling Susan Podrygula at ext. 3203 in the library. (Here is a sample order form.)

2.           Have the form countersigned by your division’s faculty contact.  He or she will then send the completed form via intercampus mail to your division’s library liaison.

To submit an order for a book or other library materials, please print or type the following information on the order request form:

1.           Main author or editor (last name, first name)
2.           Complete title
3.           Edition (fill in only if other than the first edition)
4.           Year of publication
5.           ISBN
6.           Publisher’s name (If it is an obscure publisher, print its address on the back of the card.)
7.           Retail list price
8.           Requester’s name
9.           Division name or abbreviation
10.         Obtain your division’s library coordinator’s initials

Please Note:

Fill out the order request form as completely as possible.  This will enable us to process your order more quickly.  If you cannot fill it out entirely, supply as much information as possible and the library staff will try to fill in the missing data.

Ordering from a Publisher's Notice:

When ordering from a publisher’s catalog or notice, you must fill out an order request form for each title.  Insufficient staffing makes it impossible for us to fill out these forms for all faculty.  Generally, you do not need to send the notice, but in the case of a special sale, pre-publication offer, or an item from an obscure publisher, it may be helpful if you include the notice with your request.

Receiving Rush Service:

Once ordered, it is difficult to predict how long it will take for a particular title to be ready for circulation.  It can take anywhere from one week to three months. Orders are processed as quickly as possible in the library, and for the most part, our suppliers fill them in a timely manner.  If the material is urgently needed, please write RUSH in bold letters on the request form.  If it is needed by a particular date or semester, add this information. The library staff will try and fill the order and catalog the material by that date if possible.

Choice Cards:

The library distributes CHOICE cards to each division.  These are individual reviews of books that have been evaluated by CHOICE magazine, a reviewing journal published by the Association of College and Research Libraries.  You may submit CHOICE cards countersigned with the division’s faculty contact’s initials in lieu of the order request form.  If you would like to be involved in selecting materials from CHOICE cards, contact your division’s faculty contact.

Ordering Non-Print Materials:

Non-print materials may be ordered using the standard request form.  Please mark the type of AV format after the title.

Ordering Deadline:

Submit all requests for materials by April 1st to ensure that the materials will be received and paid for by the end of the fiscal year (June 30th).

Receiving Notification of Your Orders:

You will receive the order cards that you submitted to us back via campus mail after the materials are ready for circulation.  If you would like to receive immediate notification when an item is ready for circulation, please indicate this on the card when you submit it for ordering.  The Cataloging Department will call you to let you know it’s ready and you can pick it up at the Circulation Desk.  It will be held for you at Circulation for about a week, and then sent to the collection.

Ordering Periodicals:

Suggestions for purchase of periodical titles should be submitted to the Coordinator on a Periodicals Request Form. A copy of this form is here.  Periodicals are charged from a separate fund and decisions concerning new titles are generally made during the spring of the year.

Since even a relatively inexpensive journal title represents a continuing expense, new journal titles are added very selectively.  The periodical collection’s holdings are constantly reviewed, and new and often-requested titles are added while seldom-used titles are dropped.  While it is recognized that faculty members have research needs, which on larger campuses can be more fully met through large periodical collections, at Minot State University faculty may have to rely on other types of library services to fulfill their needs, i.e., interlibrary loan.  Faculty members are strongly urged to distinguish between a research collection and one which is designed to meet the journal needs of interdisciplinary undergraduate and graduate programs.  With this in mind, the library will carefully consider each new request for a new journal title to be added to the collection.