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Gordon B. Olson Library

Loan privileges and placing materials on reserve

All faculty may check out books from the main collection for four months (120 days) and can renew them up to three times.  Other materials may be checked out as follows:


      4 WEEKS


Government Documents

Audiovisual Materials



Special Collections


The reserve book collection exists to make a small number of materials available to many students within a given period of time.  There are four reserve periods -- 2-hour, 5-hour, overnight, and 7-day.  Overnight reserves are due back the next day during regular library hours. The library does not provide photocopying of reserve materials. Any such materials must be provided by the instructor.

A minimum of 48 hours is necessary for the processing of reserve materials.  They will be processed in the order of their receipt.  Please submit your reserves as far in advance of anticipated assignments as possible.  Please complete a reserve request form for each class for which you are placing materials on reserve. 

Periodical volumes held by the Olson Library will not be placed on reserve.

If the request calls for only one copy to be placed on reserve, the library may accept an entire article, or an entire chapter from a book, or an entire poem.  Requests for multiple copies on reserve should meet the following guidelines:

1.           No more than a total of nine articles or excerpts from books may be placed on reserve for a single class.  For instance, three chapters and six articles may be placed on reserve.

2.           No more than one article or chapter by one author may be placed on reserve for a single class.

3.           No more than three excerpts or articles from a book or periodical volume may be placed on reserve for a single class.

4.           Copies may be placed on reserve for only one semester.

5.           Copies may be placed on reserve for only one course, but may be placed on reserve for more than one section of a single course.

6.           The material must contain a notice of copyright, see 17 U.S.C. 401.  Library staff will stamp materials with this notice.

7.           Copies of consumable items such as workbooks, test booklets, etc., may not be placed on reserve.  Answer sheets, tests, etc., compiled by the instructor may be placed on reserve.

For questions concerning copyright, contact the Director of IT Central (858-4444) or Jane la Plante, Chair (858-3857).

Jolene Nechiporenko
Access Services Librarian