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Gordon B. Olson Library

Information Literacy Instruction

The goals of our information literacy program are to enable students to think critically about the research process and to teach them to hone their ability to find, retrieve, evaluate, and use information at a university level.  The instruction librarians offer instruction sessions that will provide your students with information literacy skills which will help them with their research projects, term papers, class assignments, etc.

Our instruction sessions are designed to heighten student awareness of the scholarly resources suitable to their discipline and level of education.  We strive to create a classroom environment in which students have the opportunity to actively learn effective techniques for searching scholarly databases and selecting high-quality resources.

We encourage you to schedule instruction sessions with us.  We can schedule them for almost any time of the day or evening.  It is also important that, before you call us, you read our guidelines.

To make arrangements to bring your class to the library for a presentation on library resources, contact Jane la Plante at ext. 3587, Patty Hunt at ext. 3095, or Ben Bruton at ext. 3013.

Library Assignments:

Instructors are strongly advised to verify the availability of library resources when making class assignments.  We encourage faculty to consult with the library staff if there is any doubt as to whether the library will have sufficient material on a subject to meet their students’ needs.