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Gordon B. Olson Library

Special Collections

The Gordon B. Olson Library’s Special Collections is comprised of materials about North Dakota, its cities, towns, and counties, Minot State University, and American Indians from the region.  The collection is intended to bring together materials about the history, culture, science and people of the state, enabling library patrons to utilize this area of knowledge in one location.

The following guidelines are used when selecting materials for Special Collections:

Digital Special Collections

As we believe that it is important to preserve some of the more rare material that the Collection houses and allow digital access to it to the university community and beyond, the library undertook a project to digitize selected items from its special collections.

All materials were scanned using either an HP Scanjet or a Microtek Scanmaker III scanner hardware and Photoshop 5.5 or Adobe Acrobat Capture software. The documents were scanned into TIFF files using Photoshop 5.5. After manual editing of the document image, the TIFF files are converted to an Adobe Acrobat PDF file. In order to keep the PDF files reasonably managable for viewing with Adobe Acrobat Reader, the document is divided into smaller PDF files following the logical format of the document.