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Gordon B. Olson Library

Finding The Online Full Text Of An Article When You Have A Citation:

When you have a citation for an article and you want to know if the library has access to the full text of the article, here is what you do:

1. Go to this link:
2. Click “Electronic Journals List.”
3. If you are off-campus, use these two pieces of information with which to log in:
   -- your faculty or student ID number
   -- your last name (in lowercase letters)
[If you are on-campus, don’t worry about logging in.]
4. Type the title of the JOURNAL in which your article is published.

If you DO see your journal title appear:
--Click the link (or one of the links if there is more than one) that is under the title. (Ignore any coverage dates you may see: they can be inaccurate.)
--You will need to navigate around the journal's site or the database in order to see if either has your exact article.
--If, after getting into the electronic journal, you are asked to pay money for your article, ignore the plea and go to the below interlibrary loan link to order it.

If you DON'T see your journal title appear:
--We do not have online full text access to it.
--Your next step should be a title search in ODIN (restrict your format to Magazines/Journals, etc.) to see if we subscribe to the print version of your journal. Search for the title of the JOURNAL, not your article.
   ---- If we do subscribe to it, make sure, while you are still in ODIN, that we have the actual volume/issue you need. You do this by clicking the “Minot State University” link that is to the right of the word “Availability.”
   ---- If we don’t subscribe to your journal, order your article through interlibrary loan. Here is the link at which you can order it:

When you have questions, here is the contact information of the librarians who will help you:

Patty Hunt, 858-3095,
Jane la Plante, 858-3857,
Ben Bruton, 858-3013,

You can also always call the Circulation Desk if the librarians are away from their desks: 858-3201.