German Program

Welcome to the German program! Come in and join us for an exciting learning experience! You may pursue a minor or a concentration in German.

There are many reasons why you should study German. Your knowledge of the language could help you do better in your job. Being bilingual will no doubt be an asset for you in a world where international communications are increasing rapidly.  And remember, German is the official language of a major economic world player.

Learning another language and another culture (more than one if you can!) will make you a richer individual and a citizen of the world. It will broaden your horizons and will make you a more knowledgeable and better informed person.

Of course, learning German can be an end in itself. Perhaps you are simply interested in the language and German culture because you like them for different reasons. MSU will not disappoint you. Its German program will meet your expectations.

  • Are you interested in the German language?
  • Are you interested in German culture and literature?

MSU offers a wide variety of courses in these areas and will train you well to speak comfortably, learn both about contemporary and past Germany and the other German-speaking countries.

Study Abroad!
At MSU, you can combine your German studies (concentration or minor) with the degree of your choice (business, communications, history, teaching, another foreign language, etc.). The MSU Office of International Programs offers an array of opportunities to immerse yourself in the German language for a semester, a summer or an academic year. You will be immersed in German life while improving your language skills.