Dr. Jean-François Mondon

Professor of French, German, Latin, & Linguistics

Office: HH 324
Email: jeanfrancois.mondon@minotstateu.edu
Phone: 701-858-3093
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PhD: University of Pennsylvania (Linguistics)
MA: University of Pennsylvania (Linguistics)
BA: University of Pennsylvania (Linguistics)



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2020. "Non-local spirantization in Breton reexamined," Indo-European Linguistics.

2018. (w/ Joe Eska). "Phonological spreading, voice onset delay, or phonetic noise? Orthographic <φσ> and <χσ> in Greek epichoric inscriptions," in Vina Diem Celebrent: Studies in Linguistics and Philology in Honor of Brent Vine: 35-42.

2015.  Intensive Intermediate Latin.  Routledge: London & NYC.

2014.  Intensive Basic Latin.  Routledge: London & NYC.

2014.  A Syntactically Parsed-Reader of Caesar's De Bello Gallico.  Routledge: London & NYC.

2012.  Grabar: An Introduction to Classical Armenian.  Lincom-Europa: München.

2009.  "A reassessment of anti-homophony in Bulgarian," in Penn Working Papers in Linguistics 16.1.

2008 [2010].  "The development of interconsonantal laryngeals in Classical Armenian," Historische Sprachwissenschaft 121: 162-80. 

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