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Welcome International Students!

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Map showing MSU located in Minot, ND - USA

International students on the Minot State University campus are a significant part of our family. Currently, over 375 students from 30 different countries attend MSU. International students receive outstanding international student services from caring and experienced staff.

Minot State University offers nationally ranked academic programs in bachelors and masters degrees with commitments grounded in highly effective teaching and learning strategies. Minot State University faculty are highly accredited and committed to high academic standards, and research. The faculty offer students a variety of learning experiences in the classroom, the community, and at regional and national conferences.

Minot State University is one of the few higher learning institutions in the United States where all students, including international students, pay affordable in-state tuition.

Minot State University is located in Minot, North Dakota, home to one of the lowest crime and unemployment rates in the U.S. Our international students find a campus large enough to have a big town university feel, yet find faculty who know them by name.

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Fast Facts:

  • International students pay an affordable flat tuition rate:
Undergraduate Students
Annual tuition & fees $7,063
Housing and Food $6,479
Mandatory Health Insurance $1,978
International Student Fee $150
Total $15,670*
Graduate Students
Annual tuition & fees $8,873
Housing and Food $6,479
Mandatory Health Insurance $1,978
International Student Fee $150
Total $17,480*

* This amount reflects items that will be billed to your MSU student account, and includes estimated tuition, fees, housing (shared room), and an unlimited meal plan in the campus cafeteria. International students are required to prove funding for additional expenses before an I-20 can be issued. A breakdown of these expenses is provided here (I-20 Tuition & Expenses Requirements). Please note that these additional expenses will not be billed through your MSU student account, they are simply an estimate of potential living costs. Estimates are subject to change.



Page last updated  July 10, 2018