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History Department

Student Scholarships

Minot State University offers a variety of scholarship opportunities. If you are a new undergraduate or transfer student, please review information about the Great Plains Scholarship. For general scholarship applications and information, please visit the MSU Financial Aid Office. Note that the dealine to apply for scholarships for the academic year is February 17 of the previous spring semester; for example, to receive a scholarship beginning in August, 2016 you must apply for MSU financial aid by February 17, 2016.

In addition to university scholarships, History majors are eligible for specific program and division scholarships. Select the scholarships named below to access details and application information. 

History Scholarships: The N. M. Lillehaugen Scholarship promotes and rewards the serious study of history. This scholarship award is based on a student's demonstrated academic promise.

Social Science Division Scholarships: The Paul Morison Scholarship and the Social Science Scholarship promote and reward the serious study of disciplines within the social sciences, including the discipline of history.

Please remember that you must complete the MSU Scholarship Application by the February 17 deadline to be eligible for these scholarships. That application is available at