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How do I connect my wifi only game console in the dorms?
Posted by Darren Olson, Last modified by Darren Olson on 21 May 2021 09:00 AM

First you will need to know your devices mac address. MAC Addresses look something like 01-23-45-67-89-AB (they may be formatted differently but will always be 12 characters total)

All devices display their mac address either in system settings or on a sticker somewhere on the device. Make sure you get the wireless mac address and not the Ethernet or LAN address.

If you have problems finding the address there is usually instructions that can be found with a quick google search such at "locate mac address xbox 360".

Once you have the address visit https://connect.minotstateu.edu/enroll/MinotStateUniversity/onboard/reset and register your device.

Note: device lists will be cleared each semester so you will need to re-register when you return.


Allowed device types include Xbox, Playstation, Roku, Apple TV, ChromeCast, BlueRay Players, etc

Bandwidth is not guaranteed and a wired connection is preferred.

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