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Posted by Darren Olson on 03 November 2015 02:24 PM
The Teacher Education Department uses Tk20 HigherEd™ as a comprehensive online data management system for student activities related to teacher certification for our programs in education.  Students enrolled in any of these programs are required to purchase an account within Tk20 which will enable them to apply for admission to teacher education, complete key course assignments and provide information regarding field experiences, including student teaching. 
The website is located at
If this is your first time using the program you will need to register your account by clicking the register link on the lower left side of the page.
Click to register image
Select to purchase online or enter a code purchased from the bookstore (Note that it is cheaper to purchase online)
Purchase Options Image
Proceed through the general information and payment information -- make SURE to put in your student id # correctly and WITHOUT the "w" at the beginning or your account will not work.
You will receive an email from Tk20 indicating that they are creating an account and then, a few days later, you will receive an email indicating that your account is "active." The email MAY also tell you that your student id# is your login or password but that is NOT correct. Once active, your username and password are the same as your NDUS login for Campus Connection and Blackboard.  If you recieve a messsage that says something like "use remote password" it means that the password is incorrect. You may change your campus connection password at with the "change password" link on the right hand side.
For undergraduate Tk20 questions please contact Dr. Patrick Schwab ( and for graduate questions please contact Dr. Deb Jensen (  
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