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How do I connect my mobile device to email? (Android and IOS)
Posted by Darren Olson on 22 August 2013 04:08 PM



The preferred mobile client is Outlook Mobile.
It is available for Apple IOS and Google Android .





Newer devices will set themselves up automatically when you enter your email address and password.

For devices that ask for more information you may download the appropriate attachment from this page or enter the following settings:


Account type: Microsoft Exchange (May be called ActiveSync or Corporate on Android)

(Replace firstname.lastname with your campus connection username)

Password: Your Campus Connection Password.


See Attachments Below for screenshots:

iPhone iPad IOS Android Samsung Galaxy Note S6 S7 S8 Droid HTC LG Pixel

 office 365 android.pdf (350.66 KB)
 office 365 apple ios.pdf (236.43 KB)
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