FAQ: Campus Operations

A: Plans for reopening:

  1. Beginning Wednesday, June 10, most of the MSU campus buildings and offices will be moving back to our normal summer work environment. The expectation will be for all areas across campus to reopen and resume operations in the on-campus environment. The exception will be NDCPD where many employees will continue working at-a-distance throughout June. Several areas have already reopened on campus (and many never really closed physically), including the Business Office, Financial Aid, Enrollment Services, Facilities, Safety & Security, the Wellness Center, the Testing Center, Housing, Athletics, Student Health Clinic, Mail Room, Printing Services, the President’s and each of the Vice-President’s Offices, etc.
  2. Within a number of departments we have been making (and will continue making) physical modifications to the office areas, especially those that potentially have more contact from the outside public, to minimize the risk or potential of infection and/or the spread of COVID-19. This has included such elements as new signage, marking/lining on the floor, plexiglass installation, and additional sanitizing protocols. If you have concerns/thoughts/suggestions about your individual workspace area, please visit with your supervisor who will work with the appropriate VP to develop solutions further ensuring a safer workplace for all of us.
  3. Please review the COVID-19 poster carefully and encourage any visitors to do so as well; it will be posted on the door of every campus entry.
  4. Wherever possible, you certainly have the option to work with external visitors to conduct business by phone, email, or online, and also utilize a strict appointment routine to minimize the number of visitors in your area at any time.
  5. It is absolutely paramount that every one of us respect the rights, privacy, and expectations of our fellow employees, and a key way of doing this is ensuring we adhere to the 6-foot physical distancing guideline. If you are working near another employee(s) and cannot maintain this distance, all parties involved must wear a mask. More information about masks is available here, and MSU will provide a mask for you if needed: https://www.cdc.gov/coronavirus/2019-ncov/prevent-getting-sick/cloth-face-cover.html We have plenty of room and space on our campus (especially during the summer months), and there are lots of spaces where small group meetings can be held with plenty of space to spread out (including outdoors!). Our President’s Staff meetings, for example, have been held for a number of weeks in the Fisher Room….we have plenty of space for the six of us to spread out and still hold a perfectly functional face-to-face meeting. Physical distancing is repeatedly mentioned by all health experts to be the single most important factor we can use in combatting the spread of the virus, and we must mandate its expectation on campus as we re-open.
  6. Our plans will remain fluid and flexible as necessary, depending on environmental changes and/or if guidelines shift.
  7. Any employee who is at a higher risk for severe illness such as COVID-19 should inform their supervisor and/or HR so accommodations can be considered. More information here: https://www.cdc.gov/coronavirus/2019-ncov/need-extra-precautions/people-at-higher-risk.html
  8. Disposable wipes will be provided so you can regularly wipe down commonly touched surfaces such as door handles, keyboards, telephones, and other items in your workspace. Gloves and masks will also be provided as necessary.
  9. These are the hallmarks we all must maintain as we reopen the campus:
    1. Practice physical distancing of at least 6 feet
    2. Wear a mask if that distancing is not possible
    3. Stay home if you are sick (and remind others to do the same if necessary)
    4. Practice good handwashing for at least 20 seconds with soap and water (especially after coughing or sneezing) and sanitize surfaces regularly
    5. Avoid touching your eyes, nose, and mouth with unwashed hands

The ND Smart Restart protocols remain a great source of further information: https://ndresponse.gov/covid-19-resources/covid-19-business-and-employer-resources/nd-smart-restart/nd-smart-restart-protocols

A: All rentals are due back by May 15th. If the bookstore closure stretches to that date or you want to return the rental books sooner, you can print a free shipping label off via the bookstore website (see instructions listed below).

  1. Go to https://minotstateu.bncollege.com/shop/minotstate/home and click the Textbook Rental Returns link in the middle of the webpage.
  2. Enter your Order ID and the email address you used when you placed your order. If possible, combine multiple orders together and ship in 1 box with 1 shipping label. Please make sure to use packing material to keep the books in good condition. Also, include your name, email, and phone number inside the box. If you have any questions or issues, please email the store manager at sm607@bncollege.com.

A: MSU has a COVID-19 Planning Response Team to address campus prevention, planning and preparedness for COVID-19. We continue to monitor the COVID-19 closely in partnership with First District Health Unit and the North Dakota Department of Health.  MSU is following the guidelines prescribed by the CDC, NDDoH and ND Smart Restart. We will continue to assess and evaluate risk and take preventive actions as recommended by federal, state and county health authorities.

A large number of motion-activated hand sanitizer dispensers have been put in the entrance of building across campus. We also are working to ensure our buildings and facilities are appropriately prepared and supplied, and reviewing daily custodial operations.

Should the MSU community experience a COVID-19 outbreak, further personal protective and community measure recommendations will follow. MSU continues to monitor the rapidly evolving situation frequently and will provide updates as indicated. We encourage you to monitor the University’s announcements closely.

A:  As our Commencement has been cancelled, our regalia company, Herff Jones, is offering a full refund (minus shipping for those who chose to ship to their homes).   If you had the regalia shipped to your home, you can return the complete regalia package in the bag back to Herff Jones.  You can follow the link  www.herffjones.com/collegereturns.   If you have any other questions, call the Herff Jones customer service team at 1-800-387-4235.   

If you have opted to ship to the store, please email Tiffany at sm607@bncollege.com , Subject Line:  Full Regalia Return. 

For those of you who still may want certain regalia pieces, like caps, tassels or stoles, please contact Tiffany at:  m607@bncollege.com

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Minot State University
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