FAQ: Campus Operations

A: MSU has a COVID-19 Planning Response Team to address campus prevention, planning and preparedness for COVID-19. We continue to monitor the COVID-19 closely in partnership with First District Health Unit and the North Dakota Department of Health and are following our emergency plans and the health protocols prescribed by the CDC. We will continue to assess and evaluate risk and take preventive actions as recommended by federal, state and county health authorities.

A large number of motion-activated hand sanitizer dispensers have been put in the entrance of building across campus. We also are working to ensure our buildings and facilities are appropriately prepared and supplied, and reviewing daily custodial operations.

Minot State University has canceled all University-funded and sponsored international travel outside of the US. MSU will work with students, faculty and staff to address any financial implications as a result of this decision.  This only applies to University-funded/sponsored travel.

Classes will resume online as scheduled on Tuesday, March 24 and continue in an online/distance format for the remainder of the Spring semester. There will be no more face-to-face classes this Spring at Minot State.

Should the MSU community experience a COVID-19 outbreak, further personal protective and community measure recommendations will follow. MSU continues to monitor the rapidly evolving situation frequently and will provide updates as indicated. We encourage you to monitor the University’s announcements closely.

A: No, please do not return to campus if you can go home or have an alternative place to stay. For students who currently live in the residence halls and have no other place to stay, the residence halls will be open to you and dining services will be available beginning at 5 p.m. on March 22nd.

A. The president has encouraged students to remain away from campus. However, residence halls and dining services will remain open.