Many of the students that are members of Minot State University fraternities and sororities had no intention of joining a chapter when they came to college. However, once they learned more about the values of their organization and what it meant to be a member of fraternity and sorority life, they choose to be a part of something great! 

Being a member of a fraternity or sorority at Minot State University provides a host of benefits including the opportunity to develop and refine leadership skills, participate in local community service and national philanthropic projects, and form lifelong friendships within a brotherhood or sisterhood. Members of fraternities and sororities can boast of involvement in practically every facet of campus life and support many campus initiatives. Campus activities Greeks regularly participate in include: Fall & Spring Club Fair, Homecoming festivities, Halloween at the Dome, and the MSU Pennies for Patients Carnival.

Currently, Minot State University is host to two sororities and one fraternity. Read more about the Beta Theta Sorority, Sigma Delta Sorority, and Mu Sigma Tau Fraternity and how each organization is impacting our campus. 

The goal of the Greek system is to provide for its members growth-oriented opportunities and experiences that are consistent with the mission of Minot State University. While the groups support different philanthropies and causes, and have different histories and traditions, all of our Greek organizations support the following:

  • Academics
    To pursue the acquisition of knowledge, with individual academic excellence as the primary goal

  • Leadership
    To teach skill development for use within the Greek community and the broader community

  • Service/Philanthropy
    To foster an ethic of support and care through community involvement and outreach

  • Brotherhood/Sisterhood
    To establish and nurture lifelong friendships among all members

  • Accountability
    To act responsibly with regard to choices, decisions, and behaviors, and to maintain the integrity of these principles by insisting that all members live up to them both in spirit and action. It is understood that Greek organizations are accountable to Minot State University and the Minot community, to the membership of each individual organization, as well as to their peers

  • Inclusion
    To build a community that embraces diversity and appreciates differences in thought and opinion