Greek Life Council

Under the supervision of the Student Welfare & University Affairs Committee, the Greek Life Council oversees the policies and the recruitment processes for fraternities and sororities at Minot State University. It is chaired by the Student Activities Coordinator and comprised of four members from each organization representing their respective communities. The Council meets bimonthly and addresses topics such as campus programming, membership, communications, recruitment, judiciary proceedings, and risk management. 

Chapter Resources

Greek Organization Policy & Procedure Handbook 2015 (Download)
The information in this document itemizes the policies and expectations that Greek organizations must uphold in order to continue receiving Minot State University recognition and all associated privileges.

New Greek Organization Application Form (Download)
This Application Form is required for all newly initiated Greek organizations on the campus of Minot State University. It should be completed and submitted with all additional required documents for approval. 

Prospective New Member Form (Download)
Each new member must sign and return a copy of this form to the Greek Life Council before participating in any chapter or prospective new member activity. 

Prospective New Member Report (Download)
The Prospective New Member Report serves as an agreement between Minot State University and each recognized Greek chapter, outlining details of the prospective new member program and specifying plans for membership intake. This application must be submitted digitally and reviewed by the Greek Life Council and/or the Student Welfare & University Affairs Committee prior to the start of recruitment events.  

Greek Member Resignation Form (Download)
Complete this file in order to officially resign membership from any Greek organization at Minot State University. 

Annual Review Process (Download
The Greek Organization Annual Review Process is intended to be an exercise in chapter self-evaluation and an opportunity for the chapter to receive guidance and constructive criticism. 

Greek Life Council Minutes
Minutes are taken at each Greek Life Council Meeting and e-mailed out to chapter representatives prior to the next meeting. If you are interested in obtaining a copy, please e-mail the Greek Life Council chairperson, Aaron Hughes at 701-858-3987 or