Greek Chapters

After a 25-year hiatus, female MSU students proudly wore yellow and orchid pledge ribbons.

Beta Theta alumnae held an informational meeting to gauge student interest on reviving the sorority and discovered interest was overwhelming. After searching old pledge manuals and memories, they recreated a pledge program, and Nancy Fuller, wife of MSU President David Fuller, joined the sorority as an honorary patroness.

On April 29, 2012, 21 young women were initiated into the Beta Theta Sorority, and Beta Theta alumnae from the '30s through the '80s attended the ceremony. Like sorority members who preceded them, the new sorority members actively participate in all campus organizations and understand the importance of civic engagement. As a service project, they sold 653 roses to raise money for the YWCA's flood recovery.

The Beta Theta Sorority, the third sorority on the campus, originally organized January 13, 1928. Through the years, the Betas chose to remain a local sorority, believing this feature best serves the sorority, its members and the school.




The roots of the Mu Sigma Tau Fraternity stretch back to its founding in 1926, just 13 years after Minot State University was established. Many members and advisors have been prominent in the University's history, including J. Bernard Busse, a long-time faculty member, and a former chairman of the U.S. Joint Chiefs of Staff, David C. Jones.

After a period without Greek Life on campus, alumni of the Mu Sigma Tau Fraternity provided the inspiration and leadership necessary to lay a new foundation. During a 2009 Homecoming Reunion the alumni planned a refounding of the Fraternity which was accomplished in the Spring of 2010. Since beginning with 7 student leaders at refounding, the Fraternity has grown to include over 50 new members and alumni.

Mu Sigma Tau members are active on campus and their alumni have gone on to lead successful lives after graduation. Some go to work in the field they've studied at MSU — education, nursing, business, geology, the arts, and more. Other alumni have gone on to further studies including Law and Medical School equipped with the core values and connections they established in the Fraternity.

Mu Sigma Tau VideoThrough service and a commitment to the community, the Mu Sigma Tau Fraternity offers an opportunity for its members to compliment their academic study with valuable leadership and character development. 

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Re-instituted in June 2013 with help of Minot State University alumnae, the Sigma Delta Sorority started as a local sorority with four charter members. The sorority’s aim is service to women and children, and “Gems,” prospective members, were welcomed. Sigma Delta ended the year with 13 sisters.

As a mission, Sigma Delta strives to positively impact young women’s through service, loyalty and friendship. Its vision is to enable young women to develop a life-long bond of sisterhood, while being engaged community leaders. The sorority promotes the values of sincerity, integrity, grace, mindfulness and ardor.

During the MSU Centennial Celebration, Sigma Delta participated in seven Power of 100 service projects, the most of any campus group. The projects were Toilet Paper Tuesday, Polished Pearls, 100 Thanks, Giving the Gift of Sight, 100+ Giving Hearts, Sigma Socks of Love and the Greek Life Blood Drive. The sorority also volunteered for on-campus events and activities, including Community Halloween Party, Pennies for Patients and Special Olympics. Sigma Delta’s campus involvement included Homecoming Week and Greek Week, club fairs and an intramural bowling team.