Beta Theta Sorority

After a 25-year hiatus, female MSU students proudly wore yellow and orchid pledge ribbons.

Beta Theta alumnae held an informational meeting to gauge student interest on reviving the sorority and discovered interest was overwhelming. After searching old pledge manuals and memories, they recreated a pledge program, and Nancy Fuller, wife of MSU President David Fuller, joined the sorority as an honorary patroness.

On April 29, 2012, 21 young women were initiated into the Beta Theta Sorority, and Beta Theta alumnae from the '30s through the '80s attended the ceremony. Like sorority members who preceded them, the new sorority members actively participate in all campus organizations and understand the importance of civic engagement. As a service project, they sold 653 roses to raise money for the YWCA's flood recovery.

The Beta Theta Sorority, the third sorority on the campus, originally organized January 13, 1928. Through the years, the Betas chose to remain a local sorority, believing this feature best serves the sorority, its members and the school.