Benefits of Greek Membership

Academics: Greek Life recognizes that academic excellence is necessary for your future. As a member of a fraternity or sorority, you will receive assistance and support that will help you achieve your academic goals.

Social: Being able to meet and interact with other people in a variety of social settings is an important personal attribute. Through a wide range of social programs and events, Greek Life will offer you a setting in which to practice and refine your social skills.

Chapter Leadership: Through involvement on chapter committees and by participation in fraternity/sorority programs and activities, Greek Life will provide you with many experiences at leading other people. Greek Life will provide a continual learning experience by introducing you to the skill areas of time management, financial management, interpersonal skills, communication skills, leadership, etc.

Campus Involvement: Greek Life encourages all members to become active in all segments of campus activities. This involvement with broaden your collegiate experience.

Job Network: Chapter alumni are available to assist you with career counseling, career placement, summer jobs and employment references.

Campus Leadership: From being involved in chapter and campus activities, chapter members refine and develop leadership skills. These experiences allow you to actively assume many campus leadership positions.