Knowledge Management

Invest your time in a Graduate Certificate that delivers results
Minot State University’s Graduate Certificate in Knowledge Management (KM) is ideal for students who are eager to learn about creating and exchanging organizational knowledge while exploring graduate education. The KM program prepares students to be knowledge leaders in their organizations giving them the skills to describe the purposes, uses, and value of knowledge management; use social spaces to present a business solution, collaborate and transfer knowledge; describe how intangible assets create value; manage knowledge workers in a virtual environment; and exploit technology to enhance and accelerate management decisions.

Why This Program?

  • Added Value - two courses can be applied toward the Master of Science in Management or Master of Science in Information Systems degree programs
  • Affordable - reasonably priced online tuition and fees
  • Delivery - program is completed entirely online
  • Faculty - the majority of faculty members hold doctoral degrees in their chosen fields
  • Flexible - finish program in as little as two semesters
  • Quality - North Central Association of the Higher Learning Commission

Admission Standards: 

  1. Undergraduate GPA of 2.75, if not met, GPA of 3.00 or above in the most recent semesters contributing to 60 semester hours
  2. Undergraduate degree from an accredited institution
  3. Official transcripts from all universities/colleges attended
  4. English proficiency-Only for international applicants (excluding Canada) 

Curriculum (All courses are 8 weeks in length)

BIT 556 Virtual Business 3 sh Students will explore the many nuances (employee, management, hardware/software, etc.) involved in the management and operation of a virtual business.   -   Semester/Session: Spring Session 2

BIT 562 Management Information Systems 3 sh Introduces principles and practices of managing corporate and organizational resources. Describes how managers plan, organize, lead, motivate, and control human and other resources. Introduces classical, behavioral, ethical, and quantitative approaches to management. Explores management challenges and problems as presented by individuals and groups.   -   Semester/Session: Spring Session 1

BIT 566 Knowledge Management 3 sh Study of theory and application of the management of organizational knowledge for creating business value and generating a competitive advantage. Focus on how to implement a knowledge management strategy and knowledge management system in an organization. Include infrastructure evaluation; KM system analysis, design, and development; and KM system deployment and assessment.   -   Semester/Session: Fall Session 2

BADM 535 Management Principles and Practices 3 sh Integrates fundamental concepts of systems and information with those or organizational structures and management. Performs the analysis of information flow in organizations and the operating context of the various computer-based subsystems of an organizational information system.   -   Semester/Session: Spring Session 2

Program Schedule

Fall Start

Fall - Term 1 Fall - Term 2 Spring - Term 1 Spring - Term 2 Summer

BIT 562

BADM 535

BIT 556 **BIT 566

Spring Start

Spring - Term 1 Spring - Term 2 Summer  Fall - Term 1 Fall - Term 2

*BIT 556

BADM 535

*BIT 556

**BIT 566

BIT 562

 *For spring intake, students can take BIT 556 either in spring or summer
**BIT 566 must be taken in the last semester for the certificate