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The Communication Arts program prepares students to live and work successfully in a world of technology-driven global communication environment of the 21st century.

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The Communication Arts program at Minot State University keeps students up to date with speech and theater innovations. Students also gain the ability to develop skills and attitudes which promote free inquiry, critical thinking, receptiveness toward divergent viewpoints, and willingness to support unpopular ideas.


  • Bachelor of Arts with a Major in Communication
  • Communication Arts Minor (non-teaching)
  • Communication Arts (speech) Concentration
  • Bachelor of Science in Education with a Major in Communication Arts
  • Communication Arts Minor (teaching)

Program goals
Students earning a degree in Communication Arts are evaluated in four areas of knowledge/skills:

  • Basic knowledge of historical, theoretical, critical areas of communication.
  • Basic knowledge and skills associated with production elements of communication events.
  • Basic knowledge and skills associated with leadership/advocacy and behavior.
  • Submission of research and creative work to applicable scholarly and interest groups on local, regional, and national levels.

Program outcomes

  • Identify, analyze and explain concepts of historical, theoretical, and critical nature appropriate to their respective study of communication.
  • Select applicable communication components, arrange them in a effective organizational pattern, and perform in appropriate venues.
  • Utilize leadership/advocacy, knowledge, skills and behavior in service and professional contexts.
  • Write and submit scholarly and creative work to appropriate outlets.
Courses Required

Bachelor of Arts with a Major in Communications (120 cr)

General Education (38-40 cr)

Required Core (43 cr)
COMM 099 Recitals (Every Semester) (0)
COMM 210 Advanced Public Speaking (3)
COMM 212 Interpersonal Communication (3)
COMM 218 Public Relations Principles (3)
COMM 311 Oral Interpretation (3)
COMM 315 Persuasion & Argumentation (3)
COMM 316 Group Dynamics (3)
COMM 324 Community Relations (3)
COMM 392 Junior Project (1)
COMM 413 Gender Communication (3)
COMM 425 Crisis Communication (3)
COMM 492 Senior Project (3)
COMM Electives (6)

Elect from the following:
COMM 281 Reporting & Editing (1)
COMM 283 TV Activities (1)
COMM 284 Radio Activities (1)
COMM 285 Communication Arts Activities (1)
COMM 286 Promotions Activities (1)

Minor/Concentration(s) and remaining electives (37 cr)

For a complete listing of courses and descriptions, go to the course catalog.

All courses subject to change. 


Contact Information
Kevin Neuharth
Professor of Communication Arts
Communication Arts Department
Phone: 701-858-3878 or 1-800-777-0750 ext. 3878