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Driver and Traffic Safety Education

Requirements to Certify in ND

Licensure requirements for driver education teachers in the state of North Dakota
The Education Standards and Practices Board is the agency that is responsible for teacher licensing in North Dakota. To get a driver education minor equivalency endorsement on your teaching license visit this page and print a copy of the application form: Drivers Education Minor Equivalency Endorsement form 

 *For information in regard to teacher licensure in any state other than North Dakota, contact the Department of Public Instruction in that state.

Recommended Courses
The driver education teacher requirements vary from state to state. We recommend the following block consisting of ten semester hours. This block will meet the credential requirements in most states.

DTS 230 - Driver and Traffic Safety Education (3 semester hours)
DTS 230 is an introduction to driver and traffic safety education. This course trains the prospective instructor to teach the classroom portion of driver education.

DTS 350 - Advanced Driving (3 semester hours)
This course trains the prospective instructor to develop and teach in-car lessons. Advanced driving teaches prospective teachers how to improve the driving skills, perception, decision-making skills, and general driving ability of their students.

DTS 260 - Teenage Driving Behavior Problems (2 semester hours)
This is a course that examines current literature on teenage driving behavior in order to prepare potential driver education teachers to teach good decision-making skills to young drivers.

DTS 450 - Organization, Administration, & Supervision of Traffic Safety Education (2 semester hours)
This course covers how to organize and schedule a driver education class. It also includes study in the history of the automobile and driver education. The course examines current driver education problems. Topics include: reporting procedures as required by state offices. Prerequisite: DTS 230. This prerequisite can be waived with the permission of the instructor.