Requirements to Certify in ND

Since August 1 of 2008, Driver Education teachers must meet the following:

  1. Hold a valid operator’s license not suspended or revoked.
  2. Provide between November 1 and December 31 of each year a complete abstract of applicant’s driving record for past 36 months from a state driver licensing office evidencing a satisfactory driving record free from any conviction that would constitute the basis for suspension or revocation on the instructor’s operator’s license, and not more than three moving traffic violations. (Get this from the ND Department of Transportation)
  3. Must complete ten semester hours consisting of at least one course each in: classroom driver and traffic education, in-car instruction, beginning driver problems, AND organization and administration of safety education.
  4. Have fourteen semester hours with no more than 3 semester hours in any one area in the following: first aid; substance abuse and prevention education; equipment training (which may include simulator use and education technology); classroom management; developmental psychology covering adolescent psychology; stress management; curriculum, planning, and assessment; teaching diverse learners; educational psychology.
  5. Field Experience (required for elementary or middle school teachers, not high school teachers) provided by a driver’s education mentor with a minimum of three years experience in driver’s education: three clock hours of in-car observation and three clock hours of in-car instruction.
  6. Renewal: Two semester hours every five years of driver/traffic safety coursework toward licensure renewal.
  7. Once certified, it is the responsibility of the driver education teacher to notify ESPB of any driving offense, suspension, revocation, or cancellation of the driving license in a timely manner.

The Education Standards and Practices Board is the agency that is responsible for teacher licensing in North Dakota. To get a driver education minor equivalency endorsement on your teaching license visit this page and print a copy of the application form: Driver's Education Minor Equivalency Endorsement form

Minot State offers the following four courses consisting of ten semester hours to fulfill the Driver's Education Endorsement in North Dakota:

  • DTS 230 Driver and Traffic Safety Education (3 semester hours)
  • DTS 350 Advanced Driving (3 semester hours)
  • DTS 260 Teenage Driving Behavior Problems (2 semester hours)
  • DTS 450 Organization, Administration, & Supervision of Traffic Safety Education (2 semester hours)

For more information, visit the course information page.

Licensure requirements for driver education teachers outside of North Dakota

Consult the Driver Education State Authorization web site for information by state.