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Driver and Traffic Safety Education

DTS 450: Organization and Administration of Safety Education

This course covers how to organize and schedule a driver education class. Topics include: reporting procedures as required by state offices.

DTS 450 Important Information

  • 2 semester hours
  • Prerequisite or Corequisite: DTS 230
  • Textbooks:
    • All readings are available online.
  • This course provides prospective driver education teachers with the training needed to organize and schedule a driver education class, order supplies, obtain vehicles and establish vehicle use policies, budget, provide for special needs students, communicate with parents, and be familiar with driver education regulating agencies.
  • Course Expectations
    • It is critical that students adhere to the assignment deadlines. Students are to follow the course calendar and to submit assignments no later than the dates they are due. However, students are allowed to work ahead of the course calendar.
    • This course includes 15 lessons, 14 short written assignments, and 1 objective final test.
  • To determine compute system requirements and which browsers are compatible with Blackboard, please visit the Technology Requirements Page.

For more information email Bradley Webster, the online instructor.