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Driver and Traffic Safety Education

DTS 260: Teenage Driving Behavior Problems

This course examines teenage driving behavior in order to prepare potential driver education teachers to teach good decision-making skills for young drivers.

DTS 260 Important Information

  • No textbook is required.
  • All readings and tests are done online.
  • This is a 2 semester hour course.
  • Course Expectations
    • It is critical that students adhere to the assignment deadlines. Students are to follow the course calendar and to submit assignments no later than the dates they are due. However, students are allowed to work ahead of the course calendar.
    • This course includes 9 units and 5 objective tests.
  • Students must complete the course no later than the end of the term.
  • To determine computer system requirements as well as which browsers are compatible with Blackboard, please visit the Technology Requirements Page.

For more information email Bradley Webster, the online instructor.