Should I be a Driver Education Teacher?

This is a question that one must reflect on before attempting this venture. In order to answer this question, one must look at a little history of education in North Dakota and in the United States in general.

In North Dakota, the number of schools and students has diminished greatly over the past two decades. Many times teachers find themselves teaching five different preparations in one school day. The curriculum has changed. Technology is the wave of the future. Foreign languages and vocational training have made significant strides in the school curriculum during the past decade. School administrators are finding it difficult to fit in all of the coursework that is needed by students into a four-year plan in high school. In all states this has become an increasingly difficult problem.

Driver education has suffered because of these changes. Most driver education programs in North Dakota are offered during the summer months. In many states the course is offered outside of the normal school day during the school year. This may appear that being a driver education instructor offers a bleak future, but there is a positive side. Most teachers look for and need summer employment. Driver education offers an opportunity for summer employment in an area that the teacher is trained. That is to teach young people. This job pays at a professional level and can provide summer employment for many years. For those of you who teach driver education during the school year outside of the normal school day, driver education provides a nice supplementary income.

Being a driver education teacher is a plus when interviewed by school administrators. The more versatile you are, the more employable you are. Please consider the advantages of becoming a driver education teacher.

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