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MSU Diversity Council

Safe Zones

Safe Zones is a program that is designed to foster a welcoming and supportive campus for lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, queer/questioning, Intersex (LGBTQI) students, staff, and faculty, and to identify those members of the University community who are supportive by creating a visible network of allies.

Trained Safe Zones Personnel

NameDepartmentOfficePhone Ext.
Andy Bertsch Business Administration Old Main 315F 4486
Andy Heitkamp Veteran's Office Admin 152 4002
Ann Beste-Guldborg Communication Disorders Memorial 104G 3046
Ash Bowen English Hartnett Hall 308 3269
Becky Daigneault NDCPD Memorial-2nd floor 3469
Beth Odahlen Center for Extended Teaching & Learning Old Main 101 3177
Cynthia Geyer Business Office Admin-2nd floor 3333
Deb Jensen TEHP/CASCLS Swain 218M 3043
Deb Olson Addiction Studies, Psychology, Social Work Memorial 230K 4258
Deborah Kinzell Registrar's Office Admin 161 3684
Devin McCall Housing/Residence Life Dakota Hall-lower level 3993
Harry Hoffman Sociology Old Main 201A 3284
Heather Martin Center for Engaged Teaching & Learning Old Main 101 3265
Holly Major POWER Center Student Center-2nd floor 4402
Jesse Watson POWER Center Student Center-2nd floor 4044
Jessica Smestad Center for Engaged Teaching & Learning Old Main 101/Model 208 4039
Jonelle Watson Business Office Admin-2nd floor 3368
Karen Elliott Teacher Advisement and Field Placement Swain 218 3838
Karina Stander Wellness Center Wellness Center, 3rd floor 4078
Keryl Lesmann POWER Center Student Center-2nd floor 4047
Laurie Geller VPAA Office 2nd Floor Administration Building 3310
Laurie Weber Financial Aid Admin 2nd floor 3875
Lesley Magnus Communication Disorders Memorial 104K 3092
Libby Claerbout International Programs Student Center-1st floor 4155
Linda Conn Information Technology Old Main 108 4440
Linda Olson Humanities/Art Hartnett Hall 148W 3836
Lisa Dooley RCJC Memorial 401 3447
Mark Singer Social Science Old Main-2nd floor 3134
Melissa Cantone Registrar's Office Admin 161 3347
Nancy Mickelson Student Health and Development Center Lura Manor-south lower 3017
Rebecca Ringham Registrar's Office Admin 161 3126
Robin Wagner Business Office Admin-2nd floor 3224
Sarah Aleshire English/Gender & Womens Studies Hartnet Hall 137W 3395
Vicki Michels Addiction Studies, Psychology, Social Work Memorial 230P 3594