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Dakota Chamber Music

High School Program

June 17-23, 2018
(participation by audition only)
» High School Program Application

  • Want more DCM? If 6 days just aren't enough, consider the Add-on Session from June 15-17.

Strings, winds, and pianists in grades 9-12. Junior high students must contact the director ( for permission before submitting materials. Auditions are open to both pre-formed groups (3 or more) and individuals. If enrollment reaches capacity, preference will be given to pre-formed ensembles, but an even mixture is expected.

What to Expect
High School musicians will all be placed into two ensembles, a morning and an afternoon group. Pre-formed ensembles will spend one of these sessions together and the other in separate groups. Each day will contain: 1 hour private practice, 4 hours group rehearsal, 1.5 hours performance class, 1 hour sectional/presentation with faculty, meals, evening activities, and free time.

Each ensemble will prepare one or two movements for the Sunday concert, depending on length and complexity. All applicants are encouraged to list other musicians they would like to play with, or repertoire they would especially like to do. Personnel and repertoire decisions will be made by the faculty based upon ability, experience, repertoire needs, and any stated preferences. Pre-formed groups should bring 10-15 minutes of prepared music, but should expect to be given one new piece to work on during the week. Rehearsal and coaching time will be divided among the repertoire as the coach and players see fit.

Program Fee
$480/person Includes:

  • Campus Room & Board
  • DCM T-shirt

Check-in is Monday, June 17, 5:00-7:00pm. Check-out is Sunday, June 23 by 5:00pm.