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Dakota Chamber Music

Adult Workshop

June 17-23, 2018
» Adult Workshop Application

  • Want more DCM? If 6 days aren’t enough, consider the Add-on Session from June 15-17.

University students, music teachers, and amateur and semi-professional adult players. All Participants should be upper intermediate to advanced players. Open to individuals and pre-formed groups. Acceptance of individuals is based upon availability as well as compatibility of playing level with other applicants.

Each ensemble will be assigned a 15-25 minute program for the week. Rehearsal and coaching time will be divided among the repertoire as the players and coach see fit.

What to Expect
Each day will contain: 1 hour private practice, 4 hours group rehearsal, 1.5 hours performance class, 1 hour sectionals/presentation with faculty, evening activities, and free time. Adult ensembles are encouraged to perform a portion of their program on the concert in Nelson Hall on Sunday at 1:00.

Program Fee
Does NOT Include Room & Board

  • All Breakfasts
  • 3 Lunches and 2 Dinners
  • DCM T-shirt

Two University Credits
$100.00 additional (graduate and undergraduate available)

Room and Board
On campus single ($30/night) and double ($20/night) accommodations are available upon request. On-campus dining as well as several fast-food style restaurants are within walking distance.

Check-in is Sunday, June 17, 5-7:00pm. Check-out is Sunday, June 23 by 5:00pm. Monday morning check-out is available by request for ADULTS ONLY.