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Residential Learning Communities

2010 Themed Communities

Theme communities are designated communities within the residence hall complex that function around a specific theme or interest. The purpose for offering theme communities is to provide incoming freshmen with the option to live with others that share a similar interest or goal with respect to their academic and/or residential experience during their first year. At Minot State we offer two unique communities to incoming freshmen men and women, with an emphasis on Wellness.

Please Note:

Things To Consider . . .

  1. Living in a theme community can be a rewarding.
  2. If you request to live in a theme community, it supersedes all other requests made previously. It will supersede your choice of building assignment (if the theme community is in a different building than the one you requested on your housing application). It also supersedes your roommate request UNLESS your roommate requests to live in the same theme community that you have requested.

Please note that space is limited with all theme communities, so make a decision and get your request in as soon as possible. Assignments will be made in June.

If you have any questions contact the Student Life & Housing Office at 701-858-3363 OR toll free at 1-800-777-0750.