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Physical Chemistry

Research Interests for Dr. Crackel involve utilizing both molecular and atomic absorption techniques. Some recent student projects include:

  • Determination of well-water quality as part of a wellhead protection project.
  • Determination of dissolved substances in wastewater as part of a project examining different strategies for wastewater reuse.
  • Examination of the efficiency of different lignite/lime mixtures at adsorbing metal ions from aqueous solutions
  • Determination of dissolved metal ions in effluent from a trial industrial project.
  • Determination of pKa's of acid-base indicators in nonaqueous solvents.
  • Determination of formation constants for dimers and aggregates of organic dye molecules in solution.
  • Determination of the efficiency of duckweed at lowering the concentrations of dissolved metal ions in waste water.
  • Examination of nitrate and phosphate concentrations in wastewater and the changes of those concentrations as functions of treatment and season.