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Center for Engaged Teaching and Learning (CETL)

Engagement Honor Roll Form Submission Process

  • Keep records of the time you spend on your engagement activities
  • Once you have completed an engagement activity, complete and submit the
    Honor Roll form. (You must submit a form for EACH engagement activity and it
    must meet the minimum hour requirement for that activity.)
  • Only report hours of activities that you have already completed.  Do not include any hours of activities that you expect to complete in the future.
  • Students must submit the Engagement Honor Roll form by the posted deadline. 
  • The Center for Engaged Teaching and Learning will request confirmation from the listed
    supervisor, verifying completion of the hours submitted.
  • Once all information is verified, CETL will submit a request to the Registrar’s office
    to transcript those students who have successfully completed the requirements for the
    Engagement Honor Roll.
  • Student transcripts will show Engagement Honor Roll status for the semester in which
    the student totals 50 hours of reported and verified activities.