2021 Professional Development for Educators

2021 Summer Offerings

Grazing Lands Ecology Workshop

  • Instructor: Rebecca Philips
  • Date: June 1 – 5
  • 1 Credit, $50.00 Professional Graduate Credit Fee
  • Location: Online and Grazing Land by Turtle Lake
  • Pre-registration is required: Grazing Lands Ecology Workshop (nodak.edu)

Grazing land ecosystem properties, processes and services will be presented with an emphasis on how livestock grazing is used to enhance plant and avian diversity by exploring grassland habitats.  Four 1.25 hour online lectures (one lecture per day, June 1-4, from 8:00 -9:15am) will prepare students for the hands-on, collaborative teaching event at a working ranch on June 5.

Natural Resources Institute/Focus on the Forest

  • Instructor: Angela Bartholomay
  • Date: June 9 – 10
  • 1 Credit, $50.00 Professional Graduate Credit Fee
  • Location: Dakota College at Bottineau
  • Pre-registration is required: Grazing Lands Ecology Workshop (nodak.edu)

Join us in Bottineau for an opportunity to experience current Forest management and forest resource issues of North Dakota. While exploring the issues and identifying solutions, participants will receive real world, user friendly and classroom ready instruction from specially trained Project Learning Tree facilitators, resource professionals, and scientists. Participants transfer the institute's field studies to practical classroom applications. Participants will experience hands-on, minds-on learning through a balance of presentations, discussions, activities, field tours, and environmental investigations.

Lignite Education Seminar 2021

  • Instructor: Terry Hagen
  • Date: June 14-17
  • 2 Credits, $100.00 Professional Graduate Credit Fee
  • Location: Bismarck, ND, BSC
  • Pre-registration is required: To register to attend this event, please fill out the application form at https://lignite.com/events/teachers-seminar/ A $60 deposit is required to hold your place is the seminar. The deposit can be paid online at the time of application or a check can be mailed in. All deposits will be refunded upon check-in at the seminar. However, should you cancel after May 1 or no not show up for the seminar, your deposit will be forfeited. For more information on this event, please contact Kay LaCoe, 800-932-7117 or 701-355-2194, or Kay.LaCoe@lignite.com.
    Please Note: The Lignite Energy Council will pay the $100 university credit fee.

This seminar will provide the participant with a broader understanding of the lignite coal industry and the important role it plays in providing electricity to customers, farmers and businesses in North Dakota, Minnesota, South Dakota and Montana. Discussions on how lignite coal is mined and converted into energy, and the economic impact of the industry on the region including a tour of a lignite mine, a lignite-based power plant and the Great Plains Synfuels Plant are featured. Classroom activates are provided to participating teachers which they can take back to their classrooms to teach their students about the coal industry and the importance of it. Information is also provided to help their students look at careers in the coal industry which provide high paying jobs with excellent benefits.

2021 Ag in the Classroom: Farming the RRV

  • Instructor: Jeff Beck
  • Date & Times: June 23, 8:00 a.m. – 8:00 p.m. and June 24, 8:00 a.m. – 5:00 p.m.
  • 1 Credit, $50.00 Professional Graduate Credit Fee + $50 Class fee
  • Location: Minot/Devils Lake/Grand Forks
  • Pre-registration is required:  online at http://www.ndgeographic.org. Contact Jeff Beck 701-240-9231

The 2021 farm tour is going to the eastern part of the state.  Join us as we visit the Red River Valley area to learn about how farming in eastern North Dakota is different from that in the west.  This tour will depart Minot.  We will visit agriculture related businesses from Devils Lake to Grand Forks. The tour will visit beet and potatoes fields and processing plants.  We will visit the North Dakota State Mill and Elevator to learn about the nation’s only state-owned flour plant.  We will spend one night in Grand Forks.   Participants will be allowed to join us in Devils Lake if that is more convenient.  (Lodging and some meals will be covered by NDGA.)

Carbon Talk

  • Instructor: Rebecca Phillips
  • Date: July 12 – 16
  • 1 credit, $50 Professional Graduate Credit Fee
  • Location: Online and field in Hazelton
  • Pre-registration is required: Carbon Talk (nodak.edu)

Practical application of carbon science will be presented with respect to North Dakota agricultural and economic sustainability. Carbon properties, transformations and transport among atmosphere, hydrosphere, lithosphere, and biosphere discussions will show how humans influence the carbon cycle. Course includes four online seminars in 2021 (July 12, July 13, July 15, July 16) and one field event at a ranch in Hazelton, ND (July 14, 2021). Seminars will focus on integration of carbon concepts into classroom learning exercises and how carbon can be used as a model for teaching physical and biological sciences and socioeconomics.

State Historical Teacher Institute 2021

Join educators from around the state as they learn about the Inquiry Design Model. The Summer Teacher Institute will feature hands-on opportunities to develop inquiry materials. The institute will be held in a hybrid format both online and in person July 26-29, 2021, at the Heritage Center & State Museum in Bismarck, ND. The content focus is the new North Dakota Studies high school curriculum, but participation is open to educators of all grade levels.

ND Council Teachers of English 2021

  • Instructor: Rebecca Johnson
  • Date: July 29 – 30
  • 1 credit, $50 Professional Graduate Credit Fee, + $155 prior to July 1, $185 after July 1 conference fee
  • Location: Mandan
  • Pre-registration is required: http://www.ndcte.org/ndcte-conference-2021.html

The North Dakota Council of Teachers of English conference professional development credit will focus on discussion and presentations in reading and writing from authors H.D. Hunter and Darcy Bakkegard. Conference attendees will “Imagine. Make. Believe.” The focus will be to be able to create a plan to utilize the resources that educators will create throughout the conference.

2021 GeoFIT: Living with our Environment

  • Instructor: Jeff Beck
  • Date: August 3 – 5, 2021
  • 2 Credits, $100.00 Professional Graduate Credit Fee + $100 class fee
  • Location: Bismarck, ND
  • Pre-registration is required online at http://www.ndgeographic.org. Contact Jeff Beck 701-240-9231

The institute provides experiential learning and resources for curriculum planning and development and how to help foster environmental responsibility of natural resources in stewards of all ages. Educators have an opportunity to expand their content knowledge and study how geology, geography and forests can work together to minimize environmental impacts and land disturbances, as well as improve and protect surface and ground water. The "Environmental Perspectives" institute takes place via a First Class charter bus. Each day will include content rich, hands-on outdoor experiences, individual and group activities.