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Communication Disorders

Practicum Sites

About Clinical Practicum Experiences
Student clinicians provide services under the guidance of faculty supervisors holding American Speech-Language-Hearing (ASHA) certification and North Dakota state licensure. Both graduate and undergraduate students participate in the pediatric therapy clinic on campus at MSU. All other practicum experiences are limited to graduate students only. Undergraduate students are encouraged to complete two semesters of clinical practicum.

The American Speech-Language-Hearing Association requires students to complete 400 clinical clock hours of practicum experiences as part of their training. To complete these hours students must work directly with clients providing assessment and/or intervention while being monitored by ASHA certified supervisors. Students may earn ASHA hours in all of the clinical practicum settings offered by MSU.

Review the links below to discover the variety of experiences available.

Handbook for Clinical Practice
Assessment Handbook
MSU Communication Disorders Learner Outcome

On Campus Clinics
Pediatric Clinic
Adult Clinic
Audiology Clinic
ASHA Standards
Great Plains Auditory Learning Services (GPALS) Clinic

Off Campus Clinic Information
About Off Campus Practica

Off Campus Sites
Trinity Hospital
Nursing Home
Cleft Palate Team
Head Start
Job Corps
Minot Child Disability Clinic

Final Practicum
Final Practicum Experience