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Communication Disorders

Assessment Handbook MSU CDC

Clinic Directory

Assessment Procedures
Student Clinical Procedures for SLP Assessments
In-Clinic Procedure for Assessments
Counting ASHA Hours When Working in Teams
Emergency Situations
Infection Control Procedures MSU CDC
Universal Precautions 1998 ASHA
Significant Infectious Disease Control Policy MSU
Media Center Procedures and Policies

Assessment Clinic Forms
MSU CDC Referral Information Form (front)
CPT-ICD 10 Code Info (back of MSU referral form)
Evaluate and Release Information
Permission to Videotape or Audiotape, Student Observation, Research
Videostroboscopy Consent Form
Flexible Nasopharyngoscopy Consent Form
Consumer Census Form
Assessment Planning and Feedback (Blue Sheet) - Front
Assessment Planning and Feedback (Blue Sheet) - Back
Evaluation of Clinical Competencies - Assessment
Exit Conference Form (Buff color)
MSU Assessment Referral Sources
Souris Valley Special Services Referral Form
Minot Head Start Referral Form
Minot Public Schools Early Childhood Referral Form
North Dakota Persons with Disabilities Website
Assessment Consumer Survey
Case History Form - Pediatric

ASHA/CASLPA Information & ND/Provincial Information
ASHA Code of Ethics
North Dakota State Board of Examiners (NDSBE)- Audiology and Speech-Language Pathology
NDSBE Licensure Instructions
NDSBE Licensure Application
North Dakota Century Code - Chapter 43-37 - Audiologists and Speech-Language Pathologists
Saskatchewan Association of Speech-Language Pathologists and Audiologists (SASLPA) Code of Ethics
Speech Audiology Canada (SAC) Summary of SLP Clinical Practice Hours Form
Speech Audiology Canada (SAC) SLP Clinical Hours Requirements Details and Information
Speech Audiology Canada (SAC) Membership Information
MSU CDC SAC Tracking Form

In-Clinic Reporting
MSU CDC In-clinic Assessment Organizing Known Information
Final Client/Family Conference Information
In-clinic Assessment Report Template
Guidance Tool for Interpreting Standardized Scores
Words and Expressions to Avoid

Minot Infant Development Program (MIDP) Assessment Information
MIDP Assessment Procedures
MIDP Evaluation Prep

MIDP Report and SOAP Examples
MIDP Report Example 1
MIDP Report Example 2
MIDP Report Example 3
MIDP SOAP Example 3
MIDP Report Example 4
MIDP SOAP Example 4
MIDP Report Example 5
MIDP SOAP Example 5

MIDP Website

Speciality Assessment Areas

Speech Sound Disorder

Sample HAPP-3 Format
Speech Sound Disorder Assessment Report Example 1
Speech Sound Disorder SOAP Example 1


Sample Stuttering Report


Sample Report Speech and Language 1
Sample SOAP Speech and Language 1

Sample Report Language 1
Sample SOAP Language 1

Sample Report Language 2


Sample Communication Report 1
Sample Communication SOAP 1


Feeding Case History - Pediatric


Pediatric Vocal Function Case History
Adult Vocal Function Case History
Singers Vocal Function Case History

Voice Report Example 1

Voice Report Example 2
Voice SOAP Example 2

Voice Report Example 3

Voice Report Example 4
Voice SOAP Example 4


Play Audiometry Instructions
Hearing Screening Instructions