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Communication Disorders

Clinical Education Goals

Students completing a Master of Science in Speech-Language Pathology at Minot State University should attain the following clinical outcomes:

  1. Demonstrate clinical skills with minimal need for direct or prescriptive instruction to perform effectively.
  2. Demonstrate ability to apply previous coursework and experiences to all clinical assignments.
  3. Take initiative in providing therapy to individuals with communication disorders and make changes when appropriate.
  4. Demonstrate professional skills including honesty, trustworthiness, reliability, sensitivity to cultural differences, and maintenance of all ethical standards.
  5. Use appropriate verbal language skills with clients, supervisors, family members, and other professionals.
  6. Conduct effective conferences.
  7. Demonstrate assessment skills including collecting, analyzing, and synthesizing relevant data; observing non-target behaviors; and making ongoing clinical judgments.
  8. Demonstrate self-assessment skills to facilitate self-supervision and independence.
  9. Develop appropriate programming for most clients at an independent level.
  10. Demonstrate effective intervention skills including selecting appropriate materials, maintaining on task-behavior, giving clear instructions and feedback, flexibility, and counseling appropriately.
  11. Use effective written language skills in all professional writing.
  12. Apply academic, clinical, ethical, multicultural, and professional knowledge with multicultural, diverse, and special needs populations.