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College of Business

Collegiate DECA

Collegiate DECA prepares emerging leaders and entrepreneurs for careers in marketing, finance, hospitality and management in colleges and universities around the globe.

DECA Constitution [pdf]

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2017-2018 Officers

President: Barbara Marques

Vice President: Jordan Busch

Secretary/Marketer: Queenie Limm

Treasurer: Edel Mae Alvarez

Fundraiser: Brenda Parks 

Club Advisor: Dr. Megan Fixen and Ms. Tawnya Bernsdorf


At ICDC 2017 in Anaheim CA, MSU DECA Club students achieved the following awards:

  • Jordan Busch: Top 6, written exam, Travel & Tourism
  • Levy Cabatingan: Top 10, Emerging Technologies—Marketing Strategies
  • Paula Cabatingan: Top 10, Emerging Technologies—Marketing Strategies
  • Nicholas Trumbauer: Top 6, written exam, Accounting

At the State Conference 2017 in Fargo ND, MSU DECA Club students achieved the following awards:

  • Accounting - 2nd Place: Nicholas Trumbauer, 5th Place: Edel Mae Alvarez
  • Fashion Merchandising - 4th place: Brenda Parks, 6th Place: Paula Cabatingan
  • Restaurant and Food Service - 3rd Place: Barbara Marques
  • Retail Management - Group A - 1st Place: Noriya Schahadat, 2nd Place: Levy Cabatingan
  • Travel and Tourism - Group A - 3rd place: Megan Druse
  • Travel and Tourism - Group B - 1st place: Jordan Busch
  • Emerging Technologies - Marketing Strategies - 2nd Place: Paula Cabatingan, Levy Cabatingan - 3rd Place: Queenie Lim, Nicholas Trumbauer
  • Business to Business Marketing - 2nd Place: Brenda Parks, Edel Mae Alvarez
  • Business Ethics - 3rd Place: Kyuri Kim, Chelsea Anhorn
  • International Marketing - 2nd Place: Barbara Marques, Queenie Lim
  • Marketing Management - 2nd Place: Nicholas Trumbauer