Cybersecurity Center

Students who complete the degree or certificates listed below will soon be eligible to receive a certificate confirming their completion of the CAE-designated program.
B.S. – Management Information Systems
Certificate in Information Assurance
Certificate in Cyber Security Management

The creation of the MSU Cybersecurity Center will further explore and support cybersecurity topics in education. The center will be a source for news, information, community outreach, training, and dissemination cybersecurity best practices. The mission of the center is to provide: 

  • Program guidance and oversight — It’s critical that our programs continue to meet the highest national academic standards to prepare graduates for the local cybersecurity workforce. We also assist other institutions in developing their programs.
  • General cyber defense information — We provide resources so people can understand what attacks are happening and what they can do to protect themselves.
  • Collaboration and outreach opportunities among students, faculty, area communities, and other institutions — MSU clubs include: Students with Interest in Future Technologies (SWIFT), Computer Science Club, Cyber Squad (cyber competition participants and organizers), Cyber Patriots program, Cyber Awareness Conferences, guest speakers, and other community events. 



Cyber Center Contacts:

Dr. Lori Willoughby, Chair BIT
Ph: 701-858-3314

Mr. Chad Fenner, Instructor
Ph: 701-858-3293