Public Service

Minot State University and the Professional Communication Department are proud to serve the greater Minot community by airing community events and Public Service Announcements (PSAs) on KMSU Channel 19.

Do you want to have your event or announcement aired on Channel 19?

  • Write your PSA in the manner in which you would like it to visually appear on television. There are eight lines available on a page and a maximum of 32 characters per line. A PSA is intended to be a community announcement and not a for-profit announcement. File formats that work well are jpeg, PPT, and gif.
  • PSAs can be emailed to:

How to put a program on KMSU Channel 19:
You can mail your jump drive/DVD to us at the address below or stop by our department to drop it off. The station is located on the east wing, first floor of Hartnett Hall (room 128). Our station cannot promise to air every program we receive. Here are a few guidelines we use when deciding to air a particular program:

  • Interest in the topic to the community
  • Appropriate content for general television viewing audience
  • Production quality (it does not have to be high-tech, but should be presentable)
  • Length of program (a multiple of 30 minutes is preferable)

Professional Communication Department mailing address:

Minot State University
Professional Communication
Attn: KMSU Channel 19
500 University Ave. W
Minot, ND 58707