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Be seen. Be heard.

Broadcasting Program

Production Option

Our graduates successfully find careers in TV, radio, sports and at advertising agencies.  As early as their freshman year our students gain hands-on work experience by producing a live 30 minute TV show, creating a QVC style live TV auction, hosting a radio program, creating commercials and broadcasting live basketball games. Production majors can be involved in many areas of production including:

  • Commercial Production - Develop commercials for local campus events and the MSU Inside Out TV show
  • News Commentary - Learn how to write for news media and report.
  • Anchor - Take the desk and practice in front of the camera as a sports or news anchor.
  • Producer - Work behind the scenes in our control room to manage everything that goes into a successful show.
  • Weather Director  - Create weather graphics and host a weather segment
  • Radio DJ - Create your own live show in our radio production studio
Courses Required

General Education (38-40 cr)

Required Core (25 cr)

COMM 099 Recitals (Every Semester) (0)
COMM 120 Introduction to Broadcasting (3)
COMM 218 Public Relations Principles (3)
COMM 225 Audio Production (3)
COMM 244 Reporting and Feature Writing (3)
COMM 354 Special Events Planning (3)
COMM 360 Video Production I (3)
COMM 392 Junior Project (1)
COMM 412 Communication Law (3)
COMM 492 Senior Project (3)

Production Option (18 cr)

COMM 326 Media Announcing (3)
COMM 361 Broadcast News Writing (3)
COMM 362 Electronic News Gathering (3)
COMM 460 Video Production II (3)

Elect two from the following (6 cr)
   COMM 212 Interpersonal Communication (3)
   COMM 219 Mass Media and Society (3)
   COMM 220 Broadcast Advertising Applications (3)
   COMM 322 Media Sales and Analysis (3)
   COMM 344 Investigative Reporting (3)
   THEA 161 Acting I (3)

Second Major or Minor/Concentration(s) (37 cr)

Media Service Concentration (13)

Required of all Broadcasting Majors
COMM 354 Special Events Planning (2nd Time) (3)
COMM 475 Broadcast Production (1-3)
COMM 497 Broadcast Practicum (4)
COMM 281 Reporting and Editing (1)
COMM 283 TV Activities (1)
COMM 284 Radio Activities (1)
COMM 286 Promotions Activities (1)

Additional Concentrations in the Broadcasting Area:
Print Communications Concentration (12 cr)
Public Relations Concentration (12 cr)
Sportscasting Concentration (12 cr)

For a complete list of courses and descriptions, please go to course catalog.
All courses subject to change. Other coursework required.