2017-2018 Award & Scholarship Recipients

North Dakota Professional Communicators (NDPC) College Communication Contest Award Winners:

First Place:

Special Series issues Oct. 26, 2017 & Nov. 16, 2017: DeAndra Miller (staff), Dan Fagan (staff), Taylor Eckleberry (Comm 281), Jerusalem Tukura (staff), Alyson Heisler (Comm 281)

Publication Regularly Edited by Entrant Oct. 26, 2017; Nov. 16, 2017; Nov. 30, 2017: Jerusalem Tukura (staff)

Personality Profile "Work-life balance" Nov. 30, 2017: Chad Olson (Comm 281) *this was a profile on MSU's president

Personal Column "Trump fails moral test on DACA" Sept. 14, 2017; "Don't forget your local artists" Nov. 2, 2017; "Who to believe: Putin or American intelligence" Nov. 16, 2017: Dan Fagan (staff)

Second Place:

Personality Profile "Zac Cunha overcomes injury to play 6th season" Oct. 26, 2017: Tu Tong (Comm 281)

Sports Writing "Men end season with a close one" March 2, 2017: Jerusalem Tukura (staff)

Single Sports Photo "Soccer celebrates winning streak" Oct. 12, 2017: Aylin Ergin (staff)

Reviews "On Movies: 'Jigsaw'" Nov. 30, 2017: Yun Ji Nam (staff)

Third Place:

Personality Profile "Voice of the Beavers prepares for the future" Nov. 16, 2017: Corey Keller (Comm 281)

Single Sports Photo "Men end season with a close one" March 2, 2017: Jerusalem Tukura (staff)

Honorable Mention:

News Reporting "Minot State faces additional budget cuts" Nov. 16, 2017: Monica Rivera (Comm 281)

Feature Story "Minot State Veterans Club creating community for students" Nov. 2, 2017: Chad Olson (Comm 281)

Single Sports Photo "Soccer wins in overtime" Nov. 2, 2017: DeAndra Miller (staff)


Eric Sevareid Awards:

Best News Segment - 1st Place, Alexus Arthur

Best Play by Play - Award of Merit, Leif Bakken

Best Sportscast - Award of Merit, Nolan Axten

Best Small Market Radio Series - Neil Roberts and Leif Bakken (pre-produced open by Kayle Borner), The Purple Pillage


Outstanding Senior Award:

Mia Lupo, Communication

Leif Bakken, Broadcasting


Humanities Endowment Scholarship:

Dawson Forcella, Broadcasting

Red & Green

  • Editor: Jerusalem Tukura
  • Assistant Editor: Aylin Ergin
  • Sports Editor: DeAndra Miller
  • Circulation Director: Jay Gaare