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Art Program

The Flat Tail - Kuh-lekt exhibit


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"People collect art for many reasons. Some collect for investment … Some for fun … Some because it matches their new couch. For Karina and me, collecting is about placemaking. Over time, space becomes place through lived experience. It becomes laden with memory, turning a house into a home. Places fill our imagination and, in turn, evoke what is most precious to us. By collecting art, we intentionally design our domestic and public spaces, reflecting and reinforcing our values and ideals.

When Karina and I got married, we committed to buying one piece of art a year as a way of supporting artists, and a way to make a place together. It started with a $40 ceramic bowl. Today we own sculptures and ceramics, prints, paintings, and photos, and even anonymously made tapestries. Both of us are drawn to hand-made things … most often to things that have a connection to people we know. Art helps make our home a place and fills it with tangible memories of our friends and mentors.”

— Ryan Stander