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Academic Advising

2017-18 Advisor Workshop Schedule

The Advisor Developmental Workshops allow faculty and staff advisors the chance to share advising techniques, discuss challenging situations, learn about university resources/services, improve advising techniques, and receive updates on new policies and university requirements.

Advisor Information Sessions - Using the Academic Success Plan with your Advisees

The Academic Advising Council is holding Advisor Information Sessions to assist faculty in advising students who have been admitted with the provision of enhanced advising. One piece of enhanced advising is to develolp an Academic Success Plan with first-year advisees. The 30 minute information sessions are scheduled on various dates and times and will be held at several different locations. These sessions are intended for participants to leave with a basic understanding of the first-year admission standards, the process students go through from admission to the removal of provision status, and how the Academic Success Plan booklet can be used in advising sessions. Ideally, these sessions will be small, allowing for more discussion and sharing of ideas. If you are advising students in your department who have been admitted with provsion, please plan to attend one of the following sessions!

Wednesday, September 20
Swain Hall, 2nd floor, Conference Room
9:00-9:30am OR 11:30am-12:00pm OR 12:00-12:30pm
Thursday, September 21
Memorial Hall, 2nd floor, Nelson Room (room 236)
9:00-9:30am OR 1:00-1:30pm
Friday, September 22
Old Main, 3rd floor, Slaaten Board Room
10:00-10:30am OR 1:00-1:30pm