Handbook - Student Complaint Policy

Consistent with its commitment to students first, Minot State University has adopted this policy to assist both students and staff in the resolution of student concerns and complaints constructively, quickly and fairly.

Where minor concerns arise, students are encouraged to take a common-sense approach and raise them directly with the relevant staff, with the aim of resolving them at the lowest possible level and without undue formality. However, if a complaint cannot be handled informally, then students should follow the MSU Student Complaints Policy. The policy is also available in the Student Handbook.

» Online Complaint Forms

Additional questions about the MSU Complaint Policy can be directed to:

Kevin Harmon
Vice President for Student Affairs
Minot State University
500 University West
Minot, ND 58707
1.800.777.0750 ext. 3299
Fax: 701.858.3688
Email: kevin.harmon@minotstateu.edu


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