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Be seen. Be heard.

Wellness Center

Mission and Vision

Empower individuals to reach their full potential and enrich their quality of life by embracing the eight dimensions of wellness that include emotional, physical, occupational, intellectual, social, spiritual, environmental, and multicultural.

Exceed the expectations of those we serve by:

  1. Improving the quality of life through the increased awareness and application of our eight dimensions of wellness.
  2. Providing the highest level of service, courtesy, respect, and dignity.
  3. Recruiting, developing, and retaining a committed wellness team.
  4. Developing partnerships with internal and external agencies in support of our mission.
  5. Developing and maintaining services and educational programs that are consistent with our mission through needs assessments.
  6. Providing and maintaining high quality facilities and equipment as a means of delivering our services and educational programs.
  7. Marketing and promoting multidimensional wellness programs, services and facilities.
  8. Identifying and securing financial resources that are consistent with our mission.
  9. Remaining committed to and focus on the scope of our mission.